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Empowering Host Communities in Lebanon
to Better Deal with Diabetes

In collaboration with the National Volunteer Service Program (NVSP), the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA), and the World Bank, DiaLeb completed a project entitled “Empowering Host Communities in Lebanon to better deal with Diabetes”. 40 local volunteers from across Lebanon participated in this project and played a major role in helping us widen our reach and find new methods and ideas in order to continue working towards our mission.

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This project included 5 events: 

3-Day Soft Skills Training with Bee Event at Antonine Sisters School, Dekweneh

Volunteer Training at Pharmapoint
Awareness Session at AUB & AUBMC
Diabetes Prevention & Management at BAU – Tripoli
Diabetes Prevention & Management at AUST – Zahle

Throughout the awareness events, educational sessions about diabetes and nutrition were given.



HbA1c tests


Free blood glucose tests




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