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about us

DiaLeb USA, established in 2016, was created to raise funds to provide care for underprivileged diabetics living in Lebanon. Our mission is to promote diabetes care and prevention and make living with the disease more manageable for all those affected and their families. 

Together, we control the rise of diabetes.

DiaLeb USA is a sister organization to The National Diabetes Organization, DiaLeb, a non-profit founded in Lebanon in 2011.

The Team

Jackie Maalouf.JPG

Jacqueline Kassouf Maalouf

president & founder, DiaLeb & DiaLeb USA

Dr. Jacqueline Kassouf Maalouf holds a Ph.D. in Public Relations from the University of Corllins in Virginia, USA.
She is a former instructor at the American University of Beirut (AUB) and workshop lecturer.

On January 2011, she founded with her ​​daughter Sylvie, who is affected by type 1 diabetes, the National Diabetes Organization -DiaLeb. Presenter and advocate for the cause of diabetes, Dr. Maalouf has participated in several conferences in Lebanon and the Middle East region.

She holds a diabetes educator certificate and has participated as a speaker at many local and regional diabetes conferences.




branding & communications consultant

With a BA in Graphic Design and an MA in Media Studies, Aline has led a career in visual communications for over 15 years and has provided support to DiaLeb since day one. Her establishing role as a volunteer and subsequent graphics consultant has focused on building a brand image for DiaLeb and effectively communicating their vision with the public through print and digital media.

Aline fully supports DiaLeb’s mission and the importance of communication in preventing and controlling diabetes.

Rosette Korban.JPG

Rosette Korban

DiaLeb USA

Rosette Korban, born and raised in Lebanon, began her career as a Biology Teacher at College Ste.Famille Française in Lebanon.  She moved to Virginia, USA in 1990 and has since worked in the Travel and Transportation field as Federal Government contractor, and is currently working at Peace Corps, where she is taking on new challenges and providing different approaches to support volunteers.


Rosette is the director of DiaLeb’s United States branch, launched in 2017, where she leads DiaLeb’s international outreach programs and manages our US-based fundraising efforts.




DiaLeb USA

Samer has been an advocate since DiaLeb’s founding. Combining an Associates degree in Communications and broad practice throughout the MENA region, Samer consults in project management, and develops and writes content for internal and external media communications.


He has recently joined the board of DiaLeb USA.

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